Infrastructure Planning

Our consulting services in infrastructure planning start from macroeconomic approach of identifying projects that maximize economic impacts on the surrounding regions. By carefully examining social fabrics and root problems in regional economics, priority projects are identified. Project design is undertaken by incorporating technical details. After cross-examining environmental and social impacts of the projects, the finalization of the project scope is pursued and ready for funding evaluation. Our fields of experience extend from power, transportation, and water/sanitation.
GIS and GPS based Route Planning for Infrastructure Network Planning

We offer a seamless service beween desktop route planning and groud survey verification based on GIS mapping and GPS surveys. Using traditional topographic survey data or stattelite imageries, first-round route planning is provided on GIS within a short period of time. Based on the GIS route plans, alternative routes are ported to GPSs for ground suvey verification. With the feedback from ground surveys, the route plans are modified as basic route plan, for highways, water distribution network or power distribution network.

Network Optimization Program

Our particular strength is our network optimization planning based on Dynamic Evaluation and Optimization of Network-Infrastructure (DEON) Program.

Dynamic Evaluation and Optimization of Network-Infrastructure (DEON) Program

DEON is a computer program that undertakes simultaneous solution of network optimization and economic evaluation. Under normal project design procedure, project design by technical experts and economic evaluation by economists are undertaken in sequential manner. However, for the design of infrastructure, gradual project improvements with feedbacks from economic evaluation is too time consuming, thus not applicable to a large scale network project. This program enables the simultaneous solution to both economic viability evaluation and network design.

- Example -
DEON was first applied to the Master Planning of Rural Electric Power Newtork in Bhutan. The Project mapped the extend of rural electrification through the expansion of distribution networks in Bhutan for the next 20 years.

Community Development

While the efficiency in public service management is increasingly pursued, there is a stronger need for enhancing the quality in planning by carefully involving communities across the board including socially underprivillaged classes.

Our services include:

・Participatory-based Community Planning
・Social Awareness Campaign

・Community Development Organization

- Example -
We have undertaken a community development program in the city of Amtristar, Punjab to enhance sewer connections in a slum. After series of discussions held with the residents and stakeholders, social program of forming a sewerage connection neighborhood group called “Manhole Club” to create self-enforcement mechanism for the commitment while acquiring public funding for manhole constructions.

Management Information System

We offer our strategic management information planning and implementation mainly at every stage of infrastrucure development from planning - design - construction - operation and management. Our particular strengths lie in application to city planning, road and public utility services, namely power and water supply.

- Asset Management System

- Network Route Evaluation and Planning System

- Customer Management System

- Project Progress and Inventory Control System

We integrate various database systems including Oracle, Access, GIS and Excel. We deploy various macro-programs to interface excel to more standard database and GIS to provide user friendly interface. These tools have proved particularly effective at the time of planning and analyses where short period of implementation. The tool development period usually takes only several days.

Environmental Asssessment and Planning

Within the arena for environment, we provide two major consulting services.

1. Environmental Impact Assessment

- Strategic Environmetal Impact Assessment: by involving all the stake holders, the scoping for environemtal impact assessment and project scope revision is undertaken

- Proper outputs of EIA should be first of scope changes for the project and mitigation measures to ease the negative impacts.

- For implementation, two major scope of work is envisaged: Environmental Management Plan and Resettlement Plan

2. Soil and Water Contamination Analysis and Remediation
- Being affiliated with external laboratories and specialists, we provide assessment of ground water and soil contamination assessments and its remediation strategy development

Institutional Reform and Management

In order achieve institutional capacity development, it is vital to approach from top and bottom. Laws and policies are fundamental infrastructure that define functions of institutions as well as the authorities and responsibilities to the public at large. On the other hand, no institution would function without human resources and finances. Leadership is vital in making changes when there is a tradition of lax management or low productivity. We provide a comprehensive analysis, strategic choices as well as the supervision for the implementation of institutional reform.

Analysis and Planning

- Problem Identification

- Legal Structure Analysis

- Resource Analysis

- Strategy Development

- Implementation Planning

Capacity Development Implementation

- Human Resource Development

- Public Relation and Marketing Capacity Development

- Maintenance and Operation Capacity Development

- Productivity Improvement

- Anticorruption Measures

- Public and Private Participation Promotion